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Being Valued

This year, the National Day for Staff Networks Campaign Team launched the Value Continuum - a tool to help networks understand how they add value.

Inclusion specialist, Yvonne D Dowie shares her thoughts on one aspect of the Continuum: Being VALUED

Let’s take a step back and look at the continuum from the aspect of the individuals who either run the Network or who are part of the same;

  • The Chair

  • Deputy Chair

  • Executive Committee Members

  • The Membership

Validity - in taking forward each respective role or as a collective, what is the purpose for the individual in how they perform in role? For the network member - what is their reason for being part of this community? For the Network, - what is its collective intent?

Appreciation - what is your worth and how do you add value? How can the members express their value? What is it the organisation values and is the network able to align with the strategic approach of diversity, inclusivity and belonging?

Legacy - what will be positively be left behind that others can improve upon or enhance? Succession planning is important to ensure the baton can be passed to the rightful successor

Uniqueness - a recognition that we are all different and bring a variety of knowledge, skill and experience. We can all can benefit from each other.

Emotional Intelligence - How is the network in terms of:

  • Self-awareness

  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Self-regulation

  • Social skills

Are these areas regularly reflected on, assessed, evaluated and developed from an individual, team organisational perspective?

Determination – ensuring what you set out to do in terms of outputs/outcomes, are where possible, achieved again for the individual, team and network

Putting some or all of these components into place, can support the Network to build a collective strength where network members and the organisation benefits. Moreover, this will develop trust and safety where compassionate conversations can take place.

Look out for part 2 where I talk about key steps to having Compassionate Conversations.

Yvonne D Dowie is an experienced facilitator, coach and HR professional, with over 30yrs in the field. Yvonne has extensive knowledge on race equality and other areas of inclusion. She has worked across the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as internationally. Yvonne is a certified Myers-Briggs (levels I & II) practitioner.



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