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Read some of the feedback from our clients about our consultancy and coaching services 

Some of our clients include...

...and here's what they said

You cannot replicate Cherron but the power of staff networks can be replicated...I saw the practice of this book in action. I saw the effect and power that a staff network can have.

Lord (Bob) Kerslake

Cherron was the most inspiring speaker I have had the privilege to listen to in years. Cherron also spoke about the importance of networking which is key in a successful career. I highly recommend Cherron and any opportunity to see her as a guest speaker or be able to work with her in any capacity.

Maria Maca

Cherron ran a very informative and engaging session on establishing staff networks. Cherron's insights and tips helped all attendees to feel confident in moving forward with our plans to establish a network, determine what we would like it to look like and how we can work well to ensure it's success.

Tahira Majothi

Cherron carried out some training for senior managers and junior members of staff taking part in our reverse mentoring programme. We were really impressed by how quickly she grasped what the programme involved, and what its objectives were. We also appreciated her straightforward, uncomplicated approach to preparing the material for the session – she involved us in the process, at the same time as just getting on with it.  The sessions were spot on in terms of being tailored to the two groups of people involved, and she presented the material in an engaging and charismatic way. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cherron, and she has provided those involved in our programme with the right material with which to make it a success.

Nicole Mason

Cherron worked with me and fellow network members to articulate what we are about, set out the benefits of the Network and how it adds value to the organisation by aligning our goals with the organisational goals and strategy

Caroline Rapu

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Cherron on a number of occasions. Cherron has a unique ability to enthuse people with a deep understanding of the opportunities of staff networks, to make the complicated simple and to empower people to focus on inclusion and the power of difference.

Richard McKenna

Your presentation struck the right balance between the challenges for the leadership of the Civil Service and staff networks to deliver on the published objectives and more. Attendees were energised by your focus on the essentials and encouragement, including examples, of how to make the most of available opportunities. As a network we are invigorated and grateful to you.

Bo Emecheta

You totally “owned it”, Cherron, thank you.  We think it's the best event we have run.

Michael Pantlin 

Coaching Feedback


"Cherron helped me to think about my strengths and look at my strengths differently. She helped me look my language. I was able to talk about my work and life situation during a very difficult season.  Cherron reflected my behaviour back to me; as someone who believes they are very introspective this was a massive eye opener for me."


"Having a coach has really made a difference in my life by helping me build my professional confidence. I had come to a point where I was feeling de-skilled and undervalued in my work life and the coaching sessions helped by reminding me of my abilities and achievements, allowing me to realise that I deserve to be happy in my professional life.


I think that Cherron is an excellent coach. She has a calming and understanding presence, but can also ask tough and challenging questions to really delve into issues. She is great at listening and takes the time to provide thoughtful comments and advice. Initially, I wasn't really sure of what I was hoping to achieve through these sessions, but I am grateful for being able to connect with Cherron as a coach. I feel much more confident to pursue a career that I'm passionate about, rather than just another job. I have a better idea of what sort of role I'm looking for and the type of work that would allow me to build on my skills and talents.


I just want to say thank you for the help and advice you have provided through these sessions. These sessions came at a time when I really needed a confidence boost and a reminder that I have the ability to change negative factors that hinder me from realising my full potential.After just three hours of talking with you, I have a much more positive outlook on my abilities and my future career."


"Cherron worked with me in a coaching capacity during a particularly challenging period . At our first meeting, she very helpfully set out how her role would work (i.e. the parameters) and challenged me to understand and talk in detail about the current issues I was facing and the direction in which I wanted to pursue. Cherron was very helpful in that meeting, as it really tested me and mentally made me think on a deep level about where I wanted to move (and why). I had a small number of coaching meetings with Cherron, which was always followed up by a brief written summary of our conversation. I found Cherron to be an extremely supportive, open, helpful and thought-provoking coach and would not hesitate to recommend her to colleagues and peers who require a coach. Her strengths lie in really getting the individual to think in detail about what they are seeking; why; and to get under the skin of the rationale ensuring any decisions are sound and made for the right reasons"


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