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Here at the Power of Staff Networks, we are keen to help employees be as effective as they can be. In addition to our courses/workshops, we also provide a coaching service and run a reverse mentoring programme.


  • Do you need help in getting things on track?

  • Or perhaps you want to identify the next step in your career?  

  • Are you leading a staff network and want to get some focus?


Whatever the need, our coaches are qualified, experienced and ready to help you.

"Cherron helped me to think about my strengths and look at my strengths differently. She helped me look my language. I was able to talk about my work and life situation during a very difficult season.  Cherron reflected my behaviour back to me; as someone who believes they are very introspective this was a massive eye opener for me."  (client testimonial)

Take a look at other feedback from our clients.


Contact us to book a coaching session 


Our effective reverse mentoring (on ethnicity) has proven to be a useful tool in helping to build understanding and bolster inclusion in organisations.  Download our brochure to read more about our approach

"Cherron carried out some training for senior managers and junior members of staff taking part in our reverse mentoring programme. We were really impressed by how quickly she grasped what the programme involved, and what its objectives were. We also appreciated her straightforward, uncomplicated approach to preparing the material for the session – she involved us in the process, at the same time as just getting on with it.  The sessions were spot on in terms of being tailored to the two groups of people involved, and she presented the material in an engaging and charismatic way. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cherron, and she has provided those involved in our programme with the right material with which to make it a success." (Client testimonial)

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Managing Change

Are you going through a period of change in your life? What about your staff network or organisation? How are you handling this? The following clip features our lead coach sharing some advice about managing change.

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