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"You cannot replicate Cherron but the power of staff networks can be replicated...I saw the practice of this book in action. I saw the effect and power that a staff network can have."

—  Lord (Bob) Kerslake


Cherron is a former civil servant and has undertaken leadership roles in various policy and strategic positions across Whitehall, including working with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

In 2012, Cherron took a leap of faith and left the Civil Service to follow her passion; staff networks. After publishing her book: The Incredible Power of Staff Networks, Cherron founded The Power of Staff Networks consultancy where she provides a wide range of services.

An accomplished Chair of a number of staff networks (one to award-winning status), Cherron has facilitated bespoke training to educate employees on the benefits of proactive development. She is passionate about staff networks and the positive impact these can have on the individual and the organisation. That is why Cherron founded the National Day for Staff Networks - the first of its kind celebrating the added value of networks.


During her career, she has achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, and a Masters in Employment Studies and Human Resource Management. She qualified in HR with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and is also a qualified career coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Cherron's work goes beyond staff networks which has led to her taking on the following roles: 

  • Non-Executive Director at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust;

  • Vice Chair, Seacole Group (Network of BAME NEDs & Chairs in the NHS);

  • Advisory friend, Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals;

  • Strategic Adviser, The Baton Awards

  • Co-Director on The Grey Area research Consultancy

Awards & Recognition

  • October 2011 - Cherron received an MBE for her services to HM Government and, also for her work in the faith community with young people.

  • March 2019 - Cherron won the 'Woman in the Community' category at the Wise Women Awards 2019.

  • June 2019 - Cherron was a finalist in the WinTrade Awards

Find out more about Cherron Inko-Tariah - visit CITx

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