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Know your purpose, potential & power

"A ship is safe in the harbour but that is not what ships are built for"

This powerful quote by William Shedd reminds us of the importance of understanding our purpose and pursuing it. All ships have a purpose e.g. cruise liner, air craft carrier, battleship etc. They may look impressive in the harbour but they do not serve their real purpose by staying there. They have been designed for so much more than that. It's also important to consider the crew who will play a crucial role in steering the ship from the harbour to the open sea. Importantly they will need to:

  • Know the destination of the vessel and steer it in the right direction;

  • Have the necessary skills to work together as a team to keep the ship in the best repair and running smoothly;

  • Anticipate problems and understand how and when to deploy the necessary procedures to solve them.

There are some essential lessons for staff networks here.

Is your staff network sailing in the right direction? Perhaps it's run aground and in need of repair? Has the crew lost confidence or lack the necessary skills? Is the staff network prepared for what's ahead?


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